The watch that counts down your life

Time is running out. An interesting twist on the classic wristwatch, this watch reminds you that you will definitely die and even gives you a handy countdown timer to your estimated demise. The purpose is to remind you that time is your most valuable asset and to waste it is a waste of your life.   Use … Read more

Self Help for Kids

We educate our children and they educate us in return. OK, so it’s not “self help” as such, but these books by the late and wonderful Dr. Wayne Dyer are a unique way to start educating your children on their confidence, emotions and mindset right from the get-go. As a father myself I know the … Read more

Calm Cards

Cards for serenity I recently bought this collection of prompt cards, designed to be used when you need to find calm. They have caused me to begin a new category here at Every Day Should Be Fun – that of inspiring products. Created by The School of Life, these cards contain words of wisdom, reminders and … Read more