Henry Fraser

Henry Fraser was a young student celebrating his exam results on holiday. He dived into the sea, dislocated his neck when he hit a sandbank and is now paralysed from the neck down. He now paints incredible pictures and is an incredible inspiration. Remember – It’s not what happens to you – it’s what you … Read more


There’s a champion in every kid. NED stands for Never give up. Encourage others. Do your best. It’s a tool (and a fictitious character) that is used to motivate and inspire students through practical exercises and shared experience. We believe students can accomplish amazing things – if they’re given positive motivation and specific directions that … Read more

The Good Cemetarian

This man cleans the old tombstones that belong to war veterans simply out of respect. What started as a hobby has now become an obsession and has gained media attention. Find out more here. The Good Cemetarian

Unique Obituary of 82-Yr-Old Has Touched Millions

I dared to live, now I dare to die. When we die, we will ultimately become a few sentences and a memory in the minds of those we knew. A few words that sum up our personality, experiences, life and everything about us. This obituary is a little different, not least because it was written … Read more

Don Ritchie

Mr Ritchie, was known as the Angel of the Gap, a title earned for persuading people not to throw themselves off the notorious Australian suicide spot. From time to time I come across incredible people such as Don, who in their own way change the world and the lives of those around them the most … Read more