Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.

Have you ever struggled to drop off to sleep?

This was never an issue for me personally but I know some people who find falling asleep difficult and as a result they don’t rest well and this can affect their mood, relationships, performance and health – sleep is a key part of a happy life.

As I say- it was never an issue…. until I became a parent and was introduced to the concept of extreme sleep deprivation…

With a newborn son (12 weeks old at the time of writing) I was introduced to the use of white noise such as Hoovers and hair dryers and how they can help little ones fall asleep.

It worked very well and for a while we all went to sleep to the white noise as my son was still sleeping in our bedroom.

Then it struck me.

Forgetting babies for a moment, I realised I got a better night’s sleep having listened to white noise when I went to bed. The peacefulness of the rain stopped my mind racing with thoughts and although I struggle with meditation it allowed me to enter a space similar to meditation where I just focussed on the sound of the rain.

I soon found on YouTube hours and hours (and hours) of rain soundtracks designed for meditation / sleep. Everything from rain on a tent to a tin roof to actual thunder storms, I even found hair dryer and hoover noise – you name it and it’s out there!

I always enjoyed sleeping with the window ajar listening to heavy rain as it was naturally calming and peaceful – it never dawned on me that I could simulate this situation on demand and still enjoy it just as much,

Now it rains nearly every night in my house 🙂

Below is my favourite- perhaps try it tonight when you go to sleep to see if you wake up tomorrow more rested- don’t forget to wake up on the bright side too.