For people passionate about achieving excellence in life

This website, along with so many others I find more and more of these days focuses on tips and advice for improving your life.

The difference with this site, run by Celestine Chua, is firstly the sheer volume of content- look at this list of articles.

The breadth of topics covered is also impressive  – from habits and goals to relationships and spirituality – Celes has collated an enormous volume of work and it’s very impressive.

Native to Singapore, Celestine Chua began the website in 2008 as like most of us she wasn’t living a life of purpose, she wanted more passion and to make a difference in the world.

She began blogging about aiming for excellence, she’s the first to admit excellence never truly attained and its the pursuit which counts.

That spawned article after article, then ebooks and courses, videos, a forum and eventually a community of likeminded people from across the world who gravitate towards Celes as a focal point for their aspirations os excellence.

I’m fond of numbered llists in blogging- it catches the eye and allows easy access to content, Celes it would appear loves numbered lists and there are many to be found on her site on a variety of topics such as:

Visit her website and see for yourself the vast bank of inspiring content which could help you on your quest to make every day fun.