See what happens

As a recovering worry-a-holic and perfectionist, the phrase “see what happens” has had a huge impact in helping me deal with uncertainty in my life.

We all know that if there are things we can’t change or influence then we shouldn’t worry about them.

But that doesn’t actually stop us worrying…

When faced with uncertainty or turbulent times it somehow seems comforting to ruminate on every single potential outcome- particularly the negative ones – play each one out to the end and imagine any number of negative circumstances and worst case scenarios.

This is because for many of us, thinking about the uncertainty is the only way to deal with it.

If you are prone to feeling a little low or actually suffer with depression or anxiety then catastrophising and ruminating are your tools to “deal” with uncertainty- you need an alternative “tool” to use.

Introduced to me by an old colleague who has a very laid back approach to life, “see what happens” gives a framework to use when you are confronted with uncertainty.

Ir’s as achingly simple as it sounds but once I tried it 2/3 times it really started to make a difference.

The first time I tried it, letting go of the worry and the thinking was quite difficult- I felt vulnerable as though the worrying would insulate me from any negative situations as it was some kind of “preparation”

Such negative thinking is logical nonsense, but emotionally it works for many.

Used in situations when there is not a thing you can do to influence the outcome – see what happens gives you “permission” to step away from the worry and the speculation and gives you the confidence to sit still and accept that you will deal with the situation as and when it arrives.

Are there any situations you are worrying about in your life right now which you can’t really affect?

Why not “see what happens” and deal with it as and when the time comes.