Minimalism in steps

Less is more, more or less.

I’m a fan of Leo Babauta and the Zenhabits blog.

Leo also writes a blog on minimalism –

In the pursuit of happiness and of a better life, I am often drawn to the idea of minimalism- the idea that less is better and helps to unclutter your mind and your world.

But minimalism for most makes you think of extreme examples of no television, no possessions, bare walls, and ultimately a dull and 2 dimensional existence where you somehow derive pleasure from going without.

That’s not the case; but it was certainly my first perception of minimalism.

This article is great because is starts you on the road and makes you understand that it’s the principle of minimalism- not the minimalism itself- which is most important.

For me, the principal of minimalism is to consider what you have, of that, consider what is unnecessary and then seek to remove it from your life.

We all know we have clutter in our lives- minimalism draws attention to that clutter and empowers you to remove what you can and that in doing so you can achieve a less cluttered mind and lifestyle.

Though provoking stuff- you can read the full article here.