The Hour of Power

This really jump-starts my day, and allows me to feel energized, focused, and engaged.

I came across this concept when I featured Jack Canfield on the blog a couple of weeks ago.

I love the hour of power because its a simple idea, it’s something you could try today, it requires only an hour of your time and if you’re like me you will feel better almost instantly.

Balancing work and life and health and well-being can be a struggle- when we focus on one thing we can lose focus on others and be swept along each day feeling too “busy” to achieve everything we want to.

By taking just 20 minutes for each activity, and starting small, this idea helps you achieve those important things you want to but without the “guilt” of not spending a lot of time on them.

The idea?

  1. Take a one hour slot each day (mornings are preferable)
  2. Divide that hour into three, 20 minute slots
  3. Use each one of those 3 slots to achieve something for yourself that day

Some things to include in your hour of power:

  • walking / jogging
  • reading
  • soak in the bath
  • a nap
  • exercise
  • meditation

Jack recommends meditation, exercise and reading something positive for your hour of power but you can incorporate anything you wish- it’s time you can set aside for yourself to use as you please.

And that’s the point- with this concept you have Jack’s “permission” to be “selfish” for an hour each day, and to feel entitled to it -and that’s the what makes this so effective.

You can read the full article here.