Joe Vitale

Proceed with caution.

Joe Vitale (Mr. Fire) is an advocate of the law of attraction.

The concepts of the law of attraction and visualisation are very important to success – you need to focus on what you want and to visualise your goals in order to focus on them and work towards them.


You also need a ton of hard work.

My issue with the law of attraction is that it makes it seem possible to sit at home, take no action (other than focussing on nice things you want) and they manifest in your life.

(they seem to miss out the parts about having a plan, working hard, making mistakes, learning and staying persistent)

To me, the law of attraction is dangerous because those who are desperately seeking change in their lives can be fooled into thinking the law of attraction itself is sufficient – it’s a distant relation of the “get rich quick” scenario in my opinion.

Joe Vitale is closely linked to the book The Secret, which is the embodiment of the law of attraction- loved and loathed by many in equal measure.

So why am I telling you about Joe if I feel so negatively about all this stuff?

Well the fact is we all need the law of attraction in our lives and there must be something to it- generally in life what you focus on, you get more of.

Being positive, being grateful and thinking about everything you want and want to achieve are positive things to undertake and leave you feeling uplifted.

Joe will guide you through the law of attraction and the techniques you can use in your own life which makes him a really useful resource to have.

Just remember my  caveat –

Law of attraction + action = results

Law of attraction + no action = nothing

In the video below, Joe explains a little more about the law of attraction.