The 8 secrets of success

Persist through CRAP

8 to be great is a simple book from Richard St. John – a Ted speaker and self made millionaire who has distilled 8 factors which lead to success.

This collection of simple (yet obvious) traits is a fresh reminder of what it takes to make it to your goals.

Yes it’s obvious telling us to work hard but sometimes we need to hear the things we already know.

The eight traits are:

  1. Passion – doing it for love, not money.
  2. Work– hard work conquers all
  3. Focus– Sticking to one thing rather than dabbling
  4. Push – doing more, scaring yourself and pushing your boundaries
  5. Ideas – it only takes one good idea- the simpler the better
  6. Improve – continual improvement or kaizen
  7. Serve – adding value to others is crucial
  8. Persist – there is no overnight success – you have to keep going

My favourite piece of his advice is – persist through CRAP (don’t be a crap magnet!)





As with most posts on this site, this is food for thought and perhaps something to refer back to .

Richard offers some free downloads via his website which are quite cool and also of course has written a book about the 8 traits which delves into much more detail.