Upgrade yourself

Information changes the situation.

In this classic episode of TGIM, Eric Thomas (ET The Hip Hop Preacher) speaks in Australia for the first time.

It’s amazing to see ET grow as each year passes, I’ve watched him from the early TGIM and his hard work and dedication shine through.

ET leads by example. Always.

His passion and energy are unmatched- ET is a unique character and his TGIM series brings that passion and energy to thousands of his fans each week.

So, this video has 3 key messages to take on board.

Change your values

Are you a producer or a consumer? Are you going to read about all these ways to change your life and succeed – or are you going to act on them? Your values dictate your world so be sure that your values align with your actions and goals.

Be obsessed with improvement

ET is extremely passionate – he is forever learning and looking for new ideas and ways to succeed. By remaining hungry for improvement you ensure you remain on top of your game and you don’t plateau. Improvement is the key to progress.

Upgrade your operating system.

You upgrade your phone often enough- but when was the last time you upgraded your operating system? By operating system ET means your thought processes and again your values. If you don’t analyse why and how you do things and change them for the better, then your progress and success will be massively hindered.

If you become obsessed with improvement, if you change your values, if you upgrade yourself – then you will be on the right track.

Sit back and let ET work his magic.