Your life in jelly beans

We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.

We all know we’re not here forever- at one point we will cease to exist and everyone we know will cease to exist.

It’s scary stuff so for the most part it’s ignored.

But there is great strength to be found in knowing that every day is unique, unrepeated and finite.

A gentle reminder from time to time is always welcome as it can be liberating- even better when the reminder is re-framed to make it more interesting.

In this short video from the good people at, 28,000 jelly beans are divided up – one for each day of the average human life.

Whether it’s jelly beans, the sands of time, or the days themselves- remembering our time is limited and that we must follow our hearts to lead fulfilling lives is the simplest and strongest message of all.


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