Daily Routines

We are what we repeatedly do.

This came to me (as an increasing number of things do) thanks to Tim Ferriss and his Fourhourblog.

Daily Routines is a blog which began life in 2007 as a means to collate the habits and routines of creative people (writers mostly) as the founder (Mason Currey) struggled to meet deadlines and remained productive.

By his own admission, the blog was a “casual affair” – it is now inactive having been immortalised into a book.

The blog still stands and is a great (and free) resource to learn about the daily habits and rituals of others to see if there is anything you could mirror in your own life.

Insightfully split into sections- you get a feel straight away for some of the patterns which emerged during Mason’s research:

Drug Users
Early Risers
Nap Takers
Night Owls

My favourite person they mention would have to be Benjamin Franklin as it comes with a visualisation which is very helpful.

The blog has now spawned a book Daily Rituals, which I am currently reading and making copious notes with. From the famous to the not so famous there is a wealth of insight and some food for thought when considering your own daily rituals and habits.