The busy trap

It’s all about results

Ironically this is something that has really began to bug me of late so imagine my joy when I stumbled across this great article in the New York Times.

Being “busy” is an overused and abused excuse- often being “busy” is self imposed, not necessary and an excuse to avoid actually doing things.

What would you do if you weren’t so busy?

Most “busy” people don’t know.

I suffered with this when I began my first job- I put in herculean hours each day from 7am to gone midnight and now achieve similar if not greater success with far less hours per week – the difference being I focus on activity which will achieve and add value- not volume of activity.

This article talks about “busy-ness” as a crutch or an excuse to avoid things- it’s something Tim Ferriss covers in his book The 4-Hour Work Weekand something to certainly be aware of in your own life.

Read the full article here