The Happy Movie

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

I just finished watching The Happy Movie and wanted to share it straight away.

This hour long film traverses the globe talking to different people in different cultures in an attempt to identify the causes of happiness.

Taking the fact that depression and negative psychology are studied and measured excessively, the team behind The Happy Movie wanted to shed some light on happiness, its causes and its effects.

I don’t want to give too much of the movie away but one of the main conclusions drawn (although deep down we know this to be true already) is that money is only correlated to happiness to a certain degree. Once you have your basic needs met, more money does not necessarily equate to more happiness.

I used to say that I would be happier when I had XYZ in savings / investments,  but I realised that this is simply a moving goal and even if had all the money I ever desired I would still be me.

Happiness is bigger than money.

Happiness is a personalised emotion- some may be happy at their jobs, experiencing “flow” and making  a difference, whilst others may be happy sitting quietly in mindfulness. It can occur in the most unlikely of places – and certainly when you see what some of those interviews in the movie are happy with- you may be surprised.

Happiness isn’t settling for less – it’s enjoying what you have.

Whatever happiness is for you, this film draws attention to happiness around the world and will make you reconsider what your own happiness means to you.

You can rent or buy at the website  – check it out!