Hedonic Treadmill

Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress.

I discovered the Hedonic Treadmill thanks to The Happy Movie which I have covered previously on the blog.

Quite simply, the Hedonic Treadmill describes our ability to adapt to our surroundings in terms of happiness.

So for example you go from making 25,000 a year to 50,000 a year – you will feel happy about this step up in income most definitely- but only for a short time- after that it will fade.

Before long you will be looking at those making 100,000 a year and wanting to be there instead- because THEN you will be happy….

Rather than being grateful for what you have and the progress you have made, you are focussing on the next thing- bigger, faster, more….

Treadmill is the best word to describe this scenario as despite the effort put in, if feels like you are not making much progress.

You feel as though you are running on the spot- but forgetting how far you’ve already run.

Are you wanting more and more- because THEN you will be happy?

What would it feel like to jump off and attempt to be content with what you have right now?

Just a thought..