Soldier Up Sundays

It’s human nature to speak highly of ourselves

It’s Actions, not labels which determine who we really are.

Our Character is how we choose to behave when we think no-one is watching.

Using the analogy of soldiers and their discipline; this episode of The Daily Locker Room covers character. “Planting the seeds of greatness” by always choosing the most disciplined and positive action is the only way to achieving great things.

If you want to make progress in your life and to achieve that which you set out to achieve, you need to have the discipline and high standards necessary to follow through.

It is in the moments when you think you can “get away with it” because “no-one is watching” that you need to prove you are a person of value and a person of discipline.

You may think no-one is watching so you can let your standards drop- but you are always watching you.

Just a thought.