3 keys to super productivity

You must remain focused on your journey to greatness.

Staying “in the zone” and not being distracted is one of the keys to productivity.

Once distracted, it can take on average 25 minutes to regain focus- and as you only have 24 hours each day to live your life – losing time in such a manner is harmful to your progress.

Robin tells us that staying focussed is best achieved by working in 90 minute slots interspersed with breaks and other variety.

Using your 90 minutes solely for focussing on the task at hand means that when you finish the 90 you can then check your Facebook account or read the news- and you will do so with a sense of entitlement as you’ve “earned” the distraction rather then feeling guilty that you’re doing too many things at once and denting your productivity.

The three tips he offers are:

Meditate– Slowing your thoughts and focussing on breathing will remove you from a situation allowing you to reset and refocus on that which matters.

Shift gears – Changing styles of work can help- moving from fast paced heavy thinking to slower paced creative brainstorming will mean your mind is more gaile and alert as the variety drives your focus.

Go for a Walk – a change of scenery allows you to clear your thinking but more importantly it can give you perspective – particulaarly if the work you ae undertaking is complex or stressful.

The full video from Robin Sharma is below- as always delivered in his calming and clear presenting style.