The Happiness Project

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while

The Happiness Project started out life as a book, but has become more of a movement as time has gone by.

Frustrated with daily life, Gretchen Rubin questioned what she wanted from life and began to focus on happiness. She soon established her 12 personal commandments, spurred on by happiness quotations which made her think.

The result was dedicating a year to happiness.

Using traditional wisdom and modern techniques, Gretchen spent the year singing in the morning, reading aristotle and studying happiness. (much like the happy movie)

Gretchen’s book and her ongoing adventures in happiness are interesting, inspiring and a gentle reminder that happiness requires a little effort.

The day I realised that happiness does not just somehow happen, but that it comes from your own actions- was the day things began to change for me.

Let Gretchen be your guide to happiness.