1000 Awesome Things

That man is rich whose pleasures are the cheapest.

I love the word awesome.

I loved it even more when I discovered The Awesome Anthem (and accompanying gesture)

So imagine my joy when I found 1000 Awesome Things – Awesome!

This simple idea is to document life’s simple pleasures such as drawing on steamy mirrors with your fingers or  just staring up into the sky (you can see the full list here)

Limited to 1000, but ultimately endless, 1000 Awesome Things causes you to consider the minor things in life which can bring joy and happiness, but are often disregarded.

Started as a popular blog by Neil Pasricha, and then launched as a book, 1000 Awesome Things is one of those ideas which seems too simple to be executed well, but Neil’s dedicaton to document 1000 of the small awesome things in life has inspired thousands of people across the world to look again at the “small” everyday things which make them happy.

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