Academy of Achievement

Learn about the greatest visionaries and achievers of our time.

The Academy of Achievement is a 50 year old not for profit foundation aimed at inspiring students by connecting them and making them aware of some of the most influential people in the world.

The history, lessons learned and challenges faced by some of the greatest achievers of our time are explained “one on one” in a series of videos and written interviews.

The video interviews  add serious credibility to the messages and helps them to resonate far more than the written word alone. It also adds the human connection and demystifies people such as Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey- they have achieved but are still regular people like you or I, they faced challenges and overcame them.

From the very well known, to the not so well known, every person featured has an interesting and inspiring story to share on a wide range of topics.

Given the diversity of the topics covered, achievements are broken into the following categories –

The Arts
Public Service
Science & Exploration

and the wisdom and advice is then also distilled into these  “keys to success”


In addition to this, I just spent 15 minutes playing with the “like me” feature which attempts to align your own aspirations, personality and challenges to those of the achievers to help reassure you that even those who face the challenges you face, were able to triumph.

The Academy of Achievement is a credible source of inspiration and motivation direct from influential people (very similar to TED), but it’s the history and the sheer breadth of people it covers that sets it out as a truly great resource for anyone needing some encouragement from those who have “made it”

If you come away from their website feeling inspired as a result- then surely that’s the greatest achievement of all 🙂