80 percent of the books purchased in a book store never get read

That is an impressive fact, and as someone who buys books compulsively and has many yet to read- I can totally identify with this statement…

This is what inspired Mac Anderson to start the SimpleTruths website in 2005.

His goal is to be the world’s destination for inspiration and he pursues this by creating books which could be read in 30-45 minutes in a bid to make them read and to make a difference in our busy and noisy lives.

I’m a fan of brevity and thought provoking books/blogs rather than longwinded heavy pieces so SimpleTruths is a great idea and something I can identify with.

Even if you don’t purchase one of the many books they offer, there are a selection of free motivational videos which on their own make SimpleTruths another great website to have in your inspiring toolbox.

Check it out