Rob Parsons

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Rob Parsons first came into my life when I read the The Sixty Minute Father in my quest to be the best dad I could possibly be for my son.

It turns out Rob has written a number of books on family relationships such as the sixty minute Mother, Marriage and family (and more besides)

What I love about these books is that they are designed to be read in 60 minutes. They are split into manageable sections and written in such an accessible way that you can’t help but complete them.

It’s this focus on simplicity and brevity which ensure Rob’s books are read and enjoyed by thousands of people each year.

Rob has dedicated his life to providing support and assistance to help others improve their relationships and family life. He does this via his charity Care For The Family.

As a person with a difficult family history myself it’s warming to see others focus on such an important thing, which is often overlooked in modern society.

Rob is a Christian and although his books and philosophies remain neutral he can reference god from time to time. Whether you are religious or not (and I am not) he is a genuine person, following his passion and helping others as best he can.

And for that reason I’m sharing him with you today.

The video below provides some brief insight into the man himself.

Don’t forget to check out Rob’s charity too –