Mark Manson

Author, entrepreneur, life enthusiast

Starting as a dating coach in 2007, Mark Manson soon began to detest the toxic environment of the pick up artist world and focussed on more mainstream self development,  aimed at men.

He operates using these 3 ideals which differentiate him from other self improvement websites and “gurus”

  1. Happiness is like being cool, the harder you try the less it happens.
  2. Negative emotions are a necessary part of life, they should be managed and learned from, not avoided.
  3. Let go of idealization and practice imperfection. Meaning is more important than success or happiness.

His website is a treasure trove of articles across his four key topics-  Sex and DatingSelf ImprovementLifestyle and Culture.

With so much content, he has taken a handful of the most popular posts and collated them here as a useful starting point

Above all else, I have the greatest admiration for Mark’s frank and honest approach – and this makes him worth sharing.

I suck sometimes, you suck sometimes; here’s how I deal with it, hopefully it helps

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