What are you reading?

Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.

Much of what I learn comes from books.

I can get through 2 or more in a week depending on my schedule and have also been known to read 3/4 books simultaneously- and still understand them.

I wanted to make the point that if you’re serious about your success, about growing and becoming a better person (it’s not all just about making money you know…) then reading should be top of your agenda if it’s not already.

What prompted this post?

Well, I always buys books as I find them through Amazon and I often by them used rather than new as the price difference is so great and I read so widely that it makes it more viable.

I got married in July 2012 and was away on honeymoon for 2 weeks – I took 6 books with me to continue my learning.

Yes, I’m serious.

Notebook in one hand, book in another,  I finished off every single tome in my two week trip because my personal education is my personal passion and I just can’t get enough.

Much like Jonny 5 from Short Circuit I constantly “need input” and as such this website has become the outlet for my learning.

My hope is I can reach people and inspire them with what I find – as not everyone is going to pick up, let alone read books entitled  “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind ” or “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari ” yet these books contain valuable information and lessons.

For some people, reading isn’t even on their radar or they just can’t pick up a book with such embarrassing titles – the problem is – books contain the wisdom that can help you on your road to success- and from experience the worse the title the better the book

If you’re not reading you are not discovering new strategies or thought processes or opinions or facts – you are not challenging yourself- you are not growing.

Trust me –  reading was never a passion of mine until I realised I could read biographies of famous and rich people and learn from their mistakes and successes which effectively turns decades into days and boosts me towards my goals.

I use reading as an enjoyable way to learn as much as possible so that I may put it to use in my own life.

The question is – when will you embrace reading?