Mike Robbins

Infusing life and business with authenticity and appreciation

I found Mike Robbins as I was feeling a little uncertain about an upcoming decision in my professional life and I was beginning to worry.

Despite having no true control over the outcome of the situation I was worrying about all possible scenarios until my wife emailed me this article about staying positive in the midst of adversity.

It was then that I discovered Mike and his simple yet powerful message.

Beginning his career in baseball, Mike now speaks and coaches at some of the largest companies across the world on positivity and authenticity. These are seemingly simple topics but it’s clear when you hear him speak that we are all guilty of losing focus on being authentic to ourselves or losing our positive outlook in the face of adversity as above.

Mike is the author of three books –Focus on the Good StuffBe Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken and Nothing Changes Until You Do, he also contributes to the Huffington Post.

To get a feel for Mike and his message, the video below about authenticity showcases his natural and easy to understand speaking style as well as his common-sense subject matter.

Bookmark his stay positive article  if you ever need to remain positive in a situation, and check him out today for some great reminders about the power of being 100% you.