PositiveOutlooksBlog .com

A positive outlook is beautiful. Humour is contagious.

PostiveOutlooksBlog brings you a small daily dose of positivity through  wise words and quotations to be found on their website and Facebook page.

They often mix humour and light heartedness with their inspirational words, as well as some beautiful images – all of which makes their content enjoyable and easy to share. ( I found this website as their images kept on appearing in my feed as friends and friends of friends shared them)

Much like Lessons Learned In Life, this is another great source of daily inspiring material for you inbox (if you subscribe) or your Facebook feed- I’m a firm believer you can’t have too much positivity in your life 🙂

It’s the positive nature and the brevity of sites such as this which I like- motivation and inspiration can be as easy as an uplifting sentence or a quote each day.