The Positivity Solution .com

Making positivity the new reality

Run by Shola Richards, one of the smiliest people I have ever seen in my quest for all things inspiring, The Positivity Solution has been live since May 2013 with one simple goal:

To help more people to live and work with more positivity.

As a corporate coach and trainer, Shola became aware that he was facing the same few issues within the organisations for which he worked.

From toxic people to difficult co-workers and bully bosses, Shola has chosen to step in and use positivity to put out these fires (hence the positivity solution)

To find out more about Shola check out 39 things you don’t know about him ­čÖé

With an extensive list of posts, and even souvenir T-shirts(!) The Positivity Solution is another great resource for regular positive and inspiring content which is worth a look.