1 page productivity planner

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

This free resource from Brendon Burchard is both impressively simple and impressively useful.

Recognising that much of what transpires in the working day is just “busy work” and that keeping on top of your email isn’t productive at all, Brendon sets out the basic building blocks of a successful day.

Not only does this page keep you focussed on the immediate next steps of any projects you are working on, it also sets out the people you need to contact and the main things you must complete no matter what.

Simple ideas like this always remind me of Rocky’s speech to his son – “let me tell you something you already know…”

It’s true – you may know what writing down a to do list will help you be more productive, but sometimes its nice to be reminded that we are in control of our time and what we do.

With a little careful thought and discipline you can ensure you get the best you can from each day.

Enjoy 🙂