Positive Music Association

Playing music that brings out the best in you.

Credit goes to my wife for this post – as my journey to discover inspiring content continues, those around me are becoming more attuned to the good in the world and let me know what they find.

OK, so the Positive Music Association is just that – a group of people who actively promote positive mainstream music from the charts.

So this isn’t about obscure artists you’ve never heard of, playing strange meditation music and binaural beats.

The PMA play mainstream music with positive and uplifting messages, as well as some independent music where they encourage the artists to do something good with their music.

With such a wide range of potential songs spanning decades, but all with the intention of being upbeat and inspiring – Positive Music Radio is something worth checking out and streaming on your laptop next time you get the chance.

This is the link to the actual radio station  – http://player.radioloyalty.com/station/18933.html

If positive music is your thing, then the resources section links to some other great positive music websites and radio stations.

Check it out