Headspace .com

Treat your head right – everything else will follow

Headspace is one of those revolutionary companies, changing the way we look at something and making it seem accessible and simple.

By taking meditation, demystifying it and treating it like a gym membership for the mind, they have appealed to a new market of people who otherwise would have considered such things a little “out there”.

Founded by Andy Puddicombe, Headspace promotes mental health by raising awareness of the science behind stress and other nasties, versus the benefits of meditation and peacefulness.

With a wealth of content focussing on meditation, dealing with stress and other areas, in various sizes depending on how much time you have- they appear to have something for everyone in the world of mindfulness.

Through their Give some, Get Some campaign they also donate a membership for every subscription sold.

Try out the Take 10 program  to get started (free) or download the app.