Positively Present .com

Life is best lived if it’s lived right now with a positive attitude.

Positively Present began life in 2009, when it’s creator Dani Dipirro decided to stop living a life so heavily focussed on the negative.

The Freebies section is a great place to begin; here you will find 75 ways to live a Positively Present life. There are some wonderful tips here, including

  • 6     Be honest with yourself
  • 24   Use positive language
  • 63   Make time to play

All content can be found in the Archives and by topic – there are 5 years worth of posts on Positivity to be found, so worth bookmarking for times when you need a positivity boost. 🙂

In 2012, Dani published a book- Daily reminders from Positively Present as a way to encapsulate the Positively Present Ethos, and check out the Positively Present Instagram account for daily positive quotations and pictures