Moral Stories .org

It’s all about learning what matters.

As a father I am aware of the power of fables and stories to convey complex messages by example.

My favourite children’s book is The The Little Red Hen – the moral of the story being that if you don’t put in the work you don’t deserve the rewards.

The message is delivered in a fun and understandable way- and that helps it to be understood and remembered.

By simply telling my son “if you don’t put in the work you don’t deserve the rewards” it simply wouldn’t have the same impact.

Storytelling is so important in life, not just for children, so to have Moral Stories now safely in my bookmarks, I can be confident of explaining complex life situations to my son in a way that resonates and that he can understand.

Beautifully designed and laid out, Moral Stories divides itself into 7 categories which include real life stories with morals as well as fables.

You can even submit your own Moral Story which is where a large number of them come from.

Enjoy 🙂