TheOptimist .com

 The Intelligent Optimist is an independent international media platform focused on solutions, possibility and inspiration

Quite simply, The Optimist was created by two journalists who grew tired of the never ending focus on negativity in the media.

As I type this I haven’t read, heard or watched the news in 6 weeks as I came to the same conclusion.

Intriguingly, I can’t imagine ever going back.

Of course, I get the urge to check so I am thankful for resources such as The Optimist which allow me to check in on the world, without inhaling a whirlwind of misery.

The site covers a broad range of topics and is neatly split into 4 key areas – Society, Health, Business and Spirit.

They also hand pick optimistic stories from the traditional newswires for inclusion.

Whatever the subject matter, the principles remain. The Optimist is dedicated to spreading positive news to inspire others.

We could all use a little good news, so check them out 🙂