Finer Minds .com

Today only comes once in a lifetime. Make the most of it.

Finer Minds is one of those websites I come across from time to time and I smile to myself.

Clearly the calibre of inspiring and uplifting things I find and share can vary  – that’s to be expected.

So when I find a well put together, highly subscribed, well resourced blog such as Finer Minds I am excited at the possibilities and the number of things I’m yet to discover and share on Every Day Should Be Fun.

Began in September 2008, the site now spans areas such as happiness, personal growth and  meditation (among others).

With a more spiritual edge than much of what I share, Finer Minds has a diverse mixture of meditation, spirituality, manifesting as well as positive thinking, self improvement and happiness.

My favourite post is the un-zen meditation routine.