Milk the pigeon

Live Life Boldly

From time to time we can all feel a little lost.

A little bored, not sure where to turn next or what to do.

We know what we don’t want but we don’t know what we do want.

Milk The Pigeon was founded in 2009 by Alexander Heyne, a 20 something US college graduate who was unsure of where to go in life and what would make him happy.

He decided to live a bold and meaningful life, enjoying as much as possible and not focussing on the well trodden paths of secure job, steady income etc.

The blog is a great resource and a welcoming place for those (of any age) who think there is more to life but are struggling to find it and act upon it.

To “milk the pigeon” is a phrase that comes from an old dictionary in the early 19th century.  The approximate translation is “to endeavor at impossibilities”

I suggest you start here and see where the site takes you- also don’t forget to check out their rules for creating a conversation worthy life.

Enjoy 🙂