The Power of Delay

He that can have patience can have what he will

I gave up alcohol over 2 years ago and did so for the sake of my son Ralph.

I had a parent that drank and a tough upbringing and didn’t want Ralph to grow up in such an environment.

It was easy to give up because I had a “why” I had a compelling reason to follow through and commit to my goal.

Sadly when it comes to other things in life I lack the same powerful “why” and as a result find it harder to stay on course.

Enter this neat idea from Leo at Zenhabits.

Lets say you want to splurge on a treat for yourself or eat something you know you shouldn’t as you’re supposed to be dieting…..

Rather than trying to not do it cold turkey, Leo suggests we simply “delay” it.

We tell ourselves we will have it, but delay it by short periods of time until eventually we no longer want whatever it was- the urge subsides.

By delaying those things we know we shouldn’t be doing, we can ultimately stop doing them.

“delaying” is easier than giving up cold turkey from the get go and helps if you don’t have a compelling why to carry you through.

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