Destination Anxiety

Happiness is an inside job

We all want to be happy. the pursuit of happiness is what get’s us out of bed in the morning.

Happiness is the goal, but it’s also the destination- and this is where so many of us go wrong.

Learning how to be happy in the here and now, with what you have – is the truest definition of happiness I’ve been able to decide upon. We find it hard to be grateful and happy for what we have whilst striving for what we want- they’re not mutually exclusive but it feels like it.

I used to say I’d be happy when I was rich or when this happened or when that happened. I was always putting it off and I never seemed to reach the place where I thought I’ be happy.

This is destination anxiety.

By putting off happiness until a certain point is reached, you not only don’t allow yourself to be happy now but you also risk never being happy as the goal posts keep moving.

You are stuck in the pursuit of happiness but will never actually be happy.

The reality is you can find things to be happy about right here and now. Happiness isn’t winning the lottery or having a million instagram followers. Happiness is the small parts of life – the cup of coffee, the favourite coat, reading  book, taking a walk. These “little” things add up to happiness.

It’s great to have goals and things to work towards, but it’s even better to be happy on the journey there.

Be happy today, not tomorrow.