Give up to go up

Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.

Sometimes in life, in fact quite often, we have to give up what we have in order to progress to the next level and achieve our goals.

Sacrificing short term pleasures for long term ones is a key to more long term stable happiness.

The trouble is, in our world of 24hr news, internet, phones and other distractions it can take an effort to remain focussed- I guess that’s down to how bad you want it.

Recognising that the 2hrs you spend each day on Facebook or watching TV could be used positively for your future instead, is a stark reminder that life is about choices and living your values.

If you want to be fit but wont give up fast food.

If you want a better business but waste time on minor distractions

Then you aren’t living in line with your goals and ultimately your values.

When you understand that you have to take positive continuous action in order to achieve your goals, you realise that distractions such as TV or the internet may give you a short term burst of entertainment and happiness, but in the long term it’s what you achieve in life which not only counts, but will contribute towards your ultimate happiness.

What will you forego today for a better tomorrow?