Which happy are you?

Maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values.

It seems that when it comes to happiness, there are two types and each has it’s own merit.

Short term happiness.

The one night stand, the spontaneous drunk night – things like this are great as they unfold but may leave you with regret.

It’s easy to obtain short term happiness, but often this easiness is paid for after the event.

Long term happiness

As with most things of value, long term happiness takes some effort and staying power. The long term marriage, the close knit family or the ideal body are examples of this.

Sacrifices have to be made in advance, then you get the reward.

So which type are you?

The fact is, we swing between the two types depending on a number of factors, not least mood, finances and alcohol.

If you remember to focus on the long term happiness, to keep perspective on living a life of as much discipline as you can, then your reward is a more stable and long term happiness.

Short term happiness, as with most things which are quick and easy, can often have more of a cost in the long term.

Actively choosing your actions, rather than being swept up in the moment may sound a really dull kill joy thing to say, after all I’ve had my fair share of drunken spontaneous nights…… but deep down we all know that putting effort and commitment into doing the right thing is always better in the long term.

This blog is all about stable, calm, long term happiness and for something as great as that, perhaps ‘sacrificing’ short term happiness is worth it.

I have friends who live a disciplined life and I have friends who live one week to the next- my observation is that those who take a longer term ‘boring’ approach to life are better off as the short term happiness people are constantly looking for that next ‘high’.

Of course, moderation of spontaneous behaviour keeps life interesting- we’re human after all.

The point I’m making is that happiness, like anything must be worked on to get the reward.

The question to keep asking is- which happy am I? And why?