You Got This Bro!

Modern motivation

A collection of young men from the UK have teamed up to create You Got This Bro, a movement inspiring confidence, growth and challenging the traditional perceptions of “motivational speakers” and “self help”.

“From their original fields, they might seem alien – A Director, a Judo Champion, a Bodybuilder, a Care Worker, a Parkour Coach and a Scientist. They’ve come together to motivate, inspire and to help young people today become the best versions of themselves that they can be. 

Moving away from the stigma behind the name “Motivational Speakers”, YGTB speaks in Schools up and down the country on subjects that directly change mind states and lives on a daily basis. Whether it be how to effectively break into the industry of your dreams, how to revise for your big exam without cracking under pressure, how to lose weight like an athlete, pass an interview, speak confidently to a room full of strangers, start your own business and more.”

I think the world is already changing to appreciate the importance of self development, inspirational material and staying motivated; these guys are helping the movement,

Check them out!