Thinking Time

Thinking: The talking of the soul with itself.

We are all familiar with the idea of “sleeping on it” when we need to make a big decision; it’s an accepted part of life.

Throughout the day and throughout your life, you can be expected to make decisions far sooner than overnight, and the prospect of “sleeping on it” seems indulgent, wasteful and slightly eccentric.

That’s why I now use “Thinking Time”

“Thinking Time” is my way of saying that I need a moment to digest information, I won’t be pressured into making an immediate decision, but I will commit to answering you within a shorter time frame. (than overnight)

Recognising you need a moment to think can help you to gain clarity in a situation and prevent you from rushing into something you may regret. I used to be the worst for quickly replying to things and making quick decisions, only to have to change them later on. By allowing myself some thinking time, I can make better formed choices and give myself a structure within which to take my time.

The next time you are asked something and you’re not immediately sure; declare an hour of thinking time and see if at the end of that hour your decision is any clearer.

Just a thought..