Robin Sharma

Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ

Robin Sharma is a man who found himself living a life which was pleasing to the opinions of others, but made him feel like a “hollow man” and totally unhappy.

As a lawyer he had the outward appearance of success but by not following his heart, Robin was deeply unhappy.

He self published a book – The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari which began his career as a motivational speaker, leadership consultant and bestselling author.

Robin’s ideas are based on logic, structure and discipline – he is an advocate of waking early every day, planning in advance and taking control of your actions- a number of them feature on this site.

I would highly recommend taking some time to find out more about him – he has a number of books on Amazon, a number of videos on YouTube and is constantly Tweeting inspiring things via his Twitter page.

Below is an introduction to Robin and an example of his “typical day”

Enjoy 🙂