Opt out – a simplicity manifesto

Less is more, more or less.

Leo Babauta always has a beautiful way of reducing the seemingly complicated and conflicting parts of life into simple and manageable components.

This article from ZenHabits, covers the ways in which we can eliminate and opt out of any number of things which can contribute to us feeling stressed and overwhelmed. We forget that we are in control and can always choose to leave Facebook or to avoid certain people if we really wanted to .

My favourite part –

  • Email. I do email every day, and have nothing against it. But many of us check it constantly, and feel we have to reply to things asap. This disrupts more important work, and means we’re responding all the time instead of consciously choosing what work to do. Opt out: Eliminate email for most of your workday. Set expectations by telling people when you check email (this is inspired by my friend Jesse, who is experimenting with only processing emails on Friday afternoons).

Read the full article here.