How to tap into the potential you always knew you had.

Self actualisation is at the heart of Leo Gura’s work for

His extensive list of in depth high quality personal development videos on YouTube are like no other. They contain profound and actionable advice, as well as a dose of hard hitting reality. is about:

  • REAL, results-driven personal development without fluff, bullshit, or hype
  • Hard work: recognizing that it takes massive effort to become successful
  • Long-term thinking: investing in yourself
  • Cultivating a love for the life-long pursuit of personal development
  • Advanced concepts, strategies, techniques, and tools for making lasting improvements
  • Unleashing your full potential
  • Finding your true life purpose
  • Staying on track with your purpose after you’ve found it
  • Becoming world-class at what you do
  • Creating financial success, creative autonomy, freedom, and lasting fulfillment
  • Building emotional awareness
  • Building self-awareness

There’s a forum for like minded people to connect on the Actualized website as well.

Check it out!