The Most Important Productivity Method

Productivity is never an accident.

I love Zenhabits because it ‘s focus on simplicity and on what works is powerful and gets results.

Leo Babauta talks about the 3 steps to being productive which can be applied to any situation.

Having the discipline to hone in one one thing at a time and to remove all other distraction is one of the many “secrets” to success in life.

If you are afraid of  ignoring email or turning off your phone and missing out you can justify this to yourself by creating a “self appointment” where you block out your diary for time for you to work on something uninterrupted. Alternatively you can re frame ignoring calls and emails to an experiment- so you can experiment with what happens when you do just focus on one thing and remove distraction.

The three steps Leo covers are:

  1. Pick something important to work on (a task from your most important project, perhaps). What you pick doesn’t really matter, because you’ll get the rest soon.
  2. Focus exclusively on that task for a bit, finishing it if you can.
  3. Pick another important task after that, and repeat.

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