Vuja De

The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.

This concept reminds me of pronoia.

Vuja de happens when you enter a situation you’ve been in a thousand times before, but with the sense of being there for the first time.

Taking a well known and understood idea and then flipping it can produce incredible results simply because you are not accepting “reality” and the “norms” of life.

Why do people wear a watch when their cellphone keeps perfect time? Why don’t movie theaters sell soundtracks as you exit the film? Why do we all have answering machines to record messages from telephone callers, but nothing to record a message from someone who stops by our home or office? Why don’t business guys wear hats in the winter, even when it’s below freezing? Source

Asking “obvious” questions which aren’t obvious as it’s “not the way things are done” is often the very beginning of something wonderful.

Something to think about.