Dress well

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Making the effort to get dressed as though every day is important as every other day is a small idea which can have a profound impact on your performance.

As someone who has worked from home and remained in his PJs from morning until evening, I can see the damaging impact that not getting dressed properly can have.

Remember how good you felt when you wore that new shirt or blouse?

Remember the compliment on your shiny shoes?

Taking the time to dress well and present yourself as best you can each day (and dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean buying new clothes) you boost your self esteem and naturally feel better and more comfortable.

That comfortable feeling is then mirrored in your attitude and actions that day – more often than not leading to a more productive day, a feeling of accomplishment and maybe even a compliment or two.

The clothes you wear to work are the clothes you spend the most time in and as such should be the best you own and well cared for.

Ironically most  people don’t appreciate this and wear their best clothes in their spare time, spend much of their time in their “work clothes” simply getting through the week – and as such miss out on so much.

Another small idea and something you already know I’m sure, but dressing well everyday can increase the chances of every day being more enjoyable.