Follow Your Negative Thoughts to Their Absurd Conclusions

Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a center of fear.

Worry is a terrible and destructive thing.

If can rob you of joy in the moment, stunt your progress and is generally an unpleasant wast of energy, but something we are hard-wired to do in order to protect ourselves.

I am a recovering worry-a-holic so am always keen to learn of new ways to keep my monkey mind at bay..

This article suggests that to counter worry, you simply embrace just how bad things will get and take it to the extreme to make it comical:

Follow your negative thought to its extreme conclusion. You think you’re a loser? Tell yourself you are the biggest loser in the country. If there was a loser Olympics, you’d win 10 gold medals. Time magazine would put your face on the cover, under the headline: “Biggest Loser on Earth.”

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