The Amazing Me Movement

Badass motivation, inspiration, facing fears, dreaming big, live life with love, be happy.

I found Amazing Me through Facebook as their posts were shared by a few of the other pages and people I follow- this is often the case when I find news things, it just keeps coming back to find me ­čÖé

Created by Iva,┬á┬á“just an everyday gal that has gone through more trials and challenges┬áthan you can shake a stick at.”, the website is a place for “healers, helpers and badasses to ind inspiration”

Iva┬áhas overcome some of life’s worst to learn the ultimate lesson: “I realized, finally, what my other purpose here on earth is. It is┬áto give as much love and help to others as I possibly can.”

Every Thursday there’s an episode of ltales from my treehouse, but mostly Iva shares a lot of inspiring content on Facebook and that’s the best place to follow her.

There’s also a declaration that all “tribe” members take.

Enjoy ­čÖé