The stories we tell

It all begins with a story.

This post, from Zenhabits, talks about an important issue that isn’t immediately obvious.

Everything that happens to us in our lives, happens to us. It’s inherently meaningless.

We attach meaning to the things that happen in our attempt to make sense of them and to fit them into our perception of the world, ourselves and others.

Now, telling ourselves stories is natural — we all do it, all the time. There’s nothing wrong with it. But if we’re not aware of the stories we tell ourselves, we can’t understand how they shape our happiness, relationships, moods, and more.

The stories we tell ourselves can be positive or negative, based on the exact same facts – it’s all about perception.

Leo provides some thoughts on how to notice and combat the stories we tell ourselves, to ensure they remain positive and nourishing rather than negative and damaging.

Fascinating stuff.

Full article here.